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Date(s) - 11/07/2020

Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver Airport Convention Center

“I wanted to say it was amazing event. The competitors and the event staff were of extreme quality and it really showed. 

Thank you for being so caring and professional.”  Austin McCool

“Everything was great and beautiful and you put truly amazing shows so I can’t wait to compete in one or two this spring again!” Lariyah Haze
“Shout out to Jeff Taylor @themusclequestfor once again putting on an incredible show. Your love & commitment to this sport is 2nd to none and your care for the athletes is unparalleled. It was such a great event, great time. I am so fortunate to be a part of it.” Larry Leith, founder of a Tokyo Joe’s
“Had a blast at the show !  Thanks Jeff!  Always a class act!”  Candlelynn Turner Snell
“Jeff Taylor thank you!!! And thank you for once again an amazing Show experience. I am honored to represent The Muscle Quest and NPC Colorado next weekend! “ Jessica Ragle
“WHAT A FREAKING EXPERIENCE! This has probably been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my entire life.” Megan Rakes
“Hard to believe I started this journey 90 pounds and almost 4 years ago…Regardless of how I place, I feel like a winner already! Thanks to @themusclequest for such a fun, well-organized event!” @dawnmarie18

ENTRY LINK FOR Women’s Physique, Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding / Physique ENTRY

ENTRY LINK FOR Bikini, Figure, Fitness

Bikini, Figure, Wellness, Fitness ENTRY


General Information:

  • Regional Level NPC show open to NPC registered athletes. Must have an 2020 NPC Card. Cost: $135. Valid through 12/31/20. (Please purchase your NPC Card online from this link or you may purchase your NPC Card at Athlete CheckIn, as it usually takes 6-10 weeks to receive your card if you do the mail-in option)
  • No video equipment or professional photography allowed in the venue, (no tripods, detachable lenses, etc.)
  • Minimum competitor age: 18
  • Contest Promoter:  Jeff Taylor/MuscleQuest,
  • NPC Sanction #3782

Division Information and Rules:

Novice Rules: NEW! Eligible to compete in novice division if never having won a Novice or Open Class in an NPC show, (Novice okay to enter if won First Time Ever Novice/True Novice). True Novice is the name of the division for First Time Ever competitors.

Masters Rules:  

Must have reached the age of the class entered by the date of the show. Must show proof of age.

Routines for BB/WP/MCP: 

No gymnastics or flips allowed.

Music for BB/WP/MCP:

NEW! Posing Music for Bodybuilding/Women’s Physique/Men’s Classic Physique Routines:  Contestants will use their own music WITH NO VULGARITY for finals.  It must be prerecorded on a quality USB FLASH DRIVE with only the 60 second posing song on the USB FLASH DRIVE. FLASH DRIVE must be brought to Check-In.


Bikini and Wellness competitors must wear their suit bottoms to Check-In for approval. Figure competitors must bring suit(s) to Check-In for approval. Bodybuilders & Women’s Physique competitors must weigh in wearing posing suit, no exceptions.


Placing’s 1st-5th receive awards.  Overall champion of each Open division will receive overall award.

Entry Fees:  

$125 per class if paid online by Oct. 23, 2020. Late Entry Fee of $175/class after Oct. 23, 2020.  Go to Online Entry link to Enter and Pay.  Entries will be accepted  at the Friday, Nov. 6th CheckIn with an additional $50 WalkUp Fee.  Save money and enter online by midnight, Nov. 5th! NOTE:  NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Backstage Passes for Trainers:  

Limited number of passes for $100.  Must be an NPC member, (Purchase NPC Card here).  Please be advised: A Backstage Pass does not allow trainers to impede flow of the event backstage.  Trainers must cooperate with event expeditors or Backstage Pass will be revoked.

Makeup and Tanning:  

(Note that these official show sponsors are the only tanners and makeup artists allowed on site to ensure athletes highest levels of convenience and quality)


  • CheckIn at Host Hotel Friday, Nov. 6, 4-8pm
  • Prejudging Meeting Saturday, Nov. 7, 8:15am
  • Prejudging start time: 9:00am
  • Finals start time: 5:00pm
  • Show order: FIT, WP, BB, CP, MP, Well, Fig, Bik

Host Hotel & Venue: 

Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver Airport Convention Center, 15500 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239, (303) 371-9494 Rate is $119/night.

EXTRA HOTEL CHARGES FOR DAMAGE: Body paints, tans and oils will damage hotel linens and furniture. You will be held responsible for any such damage and the NPC and MuscleQuest strongly supports this action. Any necessary fabric cleaning or cost of ruined linens will be automatically charged to your room account. So please act responsibly and bring your own sheets, etc.

NPC Sanction #3782

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