The Inside Scoop on Contest Nails


The Inside Scoop on Contest Nails

By Crystal Green, IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor, Liporidex Sponsored Athlete,,  TheBikiniBabes@GMail.Com

One of the most common npc bikini or npc figure questions is,

“What should I do with my nails? Professional manicure or can I color them myself?”

Generally, there are no guidelines for what SHOULD be on your nails, so you can do whatever makes you feel However, I do have some things for you to think about when you’re getting your nails done.

Nail Color Tips

First of all, when you’re on stage you don’t want excess distractions. And while you think your nails are tiny and no one will notice– that bright red polish you’ve chosen for your fingernails will stick out like a sore thumb. When considering a colored polish, be sure it doesn’t stand out like a main feature of your overall package– you want it to simply be an accent piece!

I personally like to stick to a French Manicure — sometimes I like to rebel and add a silver lining or glitter. When I earned my pro card at Nationals, I did glue-on nails with lavender glitter specks. I painted my toes a nice pretty pink, mostly because my niece picked it out and told me it would make me win.

You did read that correctly: I painted my fingernails glitter light purple and my toe nails a light pink! You will actually find a lot of girls will do a nice manicure on their nails and use their toes as a fun rebellion. I’ve seen it all– red, black, yellow, orange, you name it.


 The truth is everything counts from HEAD TO TOE, but in reality I cannot confirm I ever look at a competitors toes when she is on stage. While I don’t think you should use metallic or glow-in-dark polish on your toes, I do think you can take the risks there and do something fun.

Nails for Photos

One last but very important thought when considering what to do with your fingernails and toenails for show day is: Are you doing a photo shoot?

Remember this stuff is seen in your photo shoots. Sure, that sassy, orange glitter polish you’ve chosen on your toes make sense on stage — but does it still make sense in your photo shoot?

 I usually do sponsor shoots the day after a show. Sponsors prefer that you have a very clean and polished look for all media and advertising photos.

In the end, it’s your face and your overall body that will be judged that day. There are no rights or wrongs in this arena according to the official judging criteria, so if you’re feeling rebellious, feel free to paint however you like. I highly recommend a clear or French manicure on the fingernails and to be a rebel with your toe polish!

Crystal Green
IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor
Liporidex Sponsored Athlete

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