Protein Supplements: Interview with David Sandler


Jeff Taylor of MuscleQuest interviews David Sandler of iSatori about the best supplements for athletes.

David Sandler says athletes should consume a slow acting protein right before bed – casein if you can get that. If you can’t, there are some other branch chain aminos fast acting that releases slowly. Sandler says that you want a drip of protein and you’ll get a better sleep pattern.

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18 Comments on “Protein Supplements: Interview with David Sandler”

  1. Ashley Wiens

    Great advice! I love having my casein protein powder in my egg white protein pancakes I make at night! Very important to make sure you fuel the body right!

  2. Melissa Lorenzo

    Curious if eating egg whites or chicken breast before bed is better than drinking a powdered mix?

  3. Jessica Lynn Messina

    I like Melissa’s question below. I try to get the protein with casein but also want to try a fast acting one! What one would you recommend?

  4. Mindee Le Diehl

    Casein has been great for my pre bedtime regimen and with my muscle sustainment/growth in general 🙂 thanks for the info

  5. Stephanie Puzak

    I use casein before bed on a regular basis in training! However I have talked to a lot of people at work etc (non-competitors) & they are completely unfamiliar with the types of protein and their benefits so I definitely appreciate this video for an easy source to direct people to.

  6. Kelsea Androes

    I loveeee iSatori products!! I have not used their casein yet tho but after watching this video and the information that was given I believe I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for the vid!!

  7. Cerra Sampson

    We’ve always done Casin before bed, but never really thought of a fast acting protein that’s slow release! Thanks for the tips and easy trusting resource! =)

  8. Kaitlyn

    It’s nice to know there are alternatives to casein out there in case there’s a need for the switch in the future.

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