MuscleQuest Giveaway

MuscleQuest GiveawayAND THE WINNER IS……MELISSA LORENZO!  Congratulations to Melissa and THANK YOU  to all who entered!

I wanted to celebrate the launch of so I called a few of my sponsors and put together a super huge sweepstakes!  It’s easy to earn points.  Check below for all of the ways to start adding up some points and you may be the big winner!!

Giveaway with Prizes that YOU Want

Here are the prizes for our 1st place winner and their values: TOKYO JOES GIFTCARD— $200 SPORTS AUTHORITY GIFT CARD— $100  (Courtesy of Elite Physique!) BIKINI COMPETITION SUIT— $500  (Provided by Team Elite Physique#teamelitephysique,  Aubrey Huff at Belle Designs Inc.,#belledesignsinc ) ARMBRUST PRO GYM 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP— $400  (Courtesy of Dylan Armbrust/ Armbrust Pro Gym) MAX MUSCLE SOUTH METRO DENVER— $100 (2- $50 Gift Cards- one to each store- Courtesy of Max Muscle South Metro Denver) ILT/FIERCE PHYSIQUE— $240 (Male[cut + test boost] or female[fat loss, energy, toning, endurance] supplement stack  for 1st as well as a second stack for 2nd place- Courtesy of ILT / Fierce Physique) MY PROTEIN— $205  (Courtesy of Rob Duckworth of MY PROTEIN) ELITE TAN—  $125 (Competition Elite Tan Spray Tan courtesy of Elite Tan) iSATORI— $200 (Courtesy of iSatori) NUTRITION COMPANY— $50 (Gift Card courtesy of Brian and Nate at Nutrition Company) Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I can express how much i thank you for everything you do Mr Jeff Taylor for the NPC and for Colorado appreciate all.

  2. Outstanding giveaways to say the least, NPC Colorado gets better and better on a daily basis! Thank you for the opportunity Jeff Taylor!!

  3. Gosh darn it! no more entries accepted! I missed the chance to enter…GOOD LUCK to everyone who did 🙂 I hope you notify thru email when new giveaways start! Also: For all contestants in the NPC event on Nov. 15th: remember to Breathe!! and have fun!