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  1. Met Manion at Jr.Nats last year! Awesome photographer captures the best pics from the shows! Thanks for the tips!!

  2. I think photos from your competitions are so valuable. You want those memories to have for later in life. Planning for a photo shoot is so important! This is very helpful!!

  3. What great advice. This is something I was not even aware about. I wouldn’t have even thought about booking my flight later in the day due to photoshoots the morning after. Thank you for the helpful tips!

    Definitely important to talk about not eating crazy after the competition too! Always want to make sure you are fueling your body to look best for your photoshoot!

  4. As a non-competitor, a lot of these names and this information is brand new to me. I’m learning about a lot of very talented, very inspirational people. His photos are great!

  5. I love NPC News Online. It has tons of tips and information to share. One stop spot for all my NPC needs. It has schedule, contests, galleries of all the competitors. I love it!

  6. So really much more planning going into photo shoots than I originally thought. I did my first one (just for fun the other day) & I learned a lot but this info is great! I do go crazy sometimes after the comp (even though I always say “I never will again”) so definitely noted 🙂

  7. Im getting ready for my first fitness photo shoot after a year of work losing 70+ pounds, so great to hear some tips!

  8. Wouldn’t even of thought of booking my flight later in the day! Thanks J.M. for the great info!

  9. This stuff is almost priceless! Thanks so much for sharing! And Jeff- thanks so much for all the work you do to keep us all so well informed and fuel the fire to keep working hard!

  10. these are some great tips! It is so sad to hear people would miss the photo shoots after they have worked so hard to make it so far! Its amazing how small this big world really is everyone knows someone!

  11. J.M. Rocks and Jeff is not so bad either! Oh and when at a National show, hit J.M. up for a private photo session!!

  12. Good information for competitors who may not know these photos are for you to show off your hard work!

  13. Great info! I can imagine how much of a challenge it is to wait one more day to eat what you’ve been craving but absolutely worth it!

  14. Haha punctuality and scheduling, it’ll kill you in a lot of industries. Never knew about the photo shoots. Good to know!

  15. Loved it. Definitely makes sense to book later flights, even if you aren’t doing a photoshoot the next day (even though we all WANT to be those people!) it is good to just take a breather and enjoy the scenery and local spots the next day. Thanks for the vid! <3