NPC Elite Tan Southern Colorado & Armed Forces Championships

“I want to thank to everyone that helped make the Southern such a great experience. As it was my first show, I was quite nervous and intimidated going in. However, everyone, from Jeff Taylor to the judges to the stage managers and expediters to my fellow competitors, was helpful, friendly, and professional. It was an absolutely fantastic experience, and I can’t wait to step on stage again in the future.”  Matt Reilly, May 2014

This Year’s Event is a Fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project.  A percentage of the proceeds from this show will be donated to the WWP. Find out how you can get involved!




General Information:

  • Local Level NPC show open to NPC registered athletes. Must have an 2015 NPC Card. Cost: $120. (Valid through 12/31/15)
  • No video equipment or professional photography allowed in the auditorium, (no tripods, detachable lenses, etc.)
  • Contest Promoter:  Jeff Taylor/MuscleQuest,
  • NPC Sanction #12230

Division information and rules:

Novice Rules:  Eligible to compete in novice division if never placed 1st-3rd in an open class, or 1st in Novice in any NPC event in the past five years.
Masters Rules:  Must have reached the age of the class entered by the date of the show. Must show proof of age.
Armed Forces Division Eligibility: To enter any of the Armed Forces divisions, competitors must be either Active, Retired or Past Military Service, DOD or spouse of Active, Retired or Past Military Service or DOD.

Awards: Placing’s 1st-5th receive Niels Andersen sculpture award. Team Trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring team, ($40 entry fee. Complete list of team member names, classes entered, and team name must be handed to promoter at CheckIn.)  Overall champion of each division will receive overall award.

Posing Music for Bodybuilding/Women’s Physique Routines:  Contestants will use their own music WITH NO VULGARITY for finals.  It must be prerecorded on a quality CD; a CD-R with only the 60 second posing song on the CD. CD must be brought to Check-In.

Suits: Bikini competitors must wear their suit bottoms to Check-In for approval. Figure competitors must bring suit(s) to Check-In for approval. Bodybuilders & Women’s Physique competitors must weigh in wearing posing suit, no exceptions.

Entry Fees: BODYBUILDERS & WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE COMPETITORS MUST ENTER BY TUESDAY,  TO ALLOW TIME FOR POLYGRAPH EXAM PRIOR TO EVENT*. $85 per class if paid online by May 1st, 2015. Late Entry Fee of $125/class after May 1st, 2015.  Enter online by midnight, Thursday, May 14, 2015. Please see Online Entry link below to Enter and Pay. Entries for Men’s Physique, Figure, Bikini and Fitness will be accepted  at the Saturday morning CheckIn with an additional $50 WalkUp Fee. Save money and enter online by midnight, May 14th!  NOTE:  NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Polygraph Testing Procedure: As a condition of acceptance into this event, each bodybuilding and women’s physique contestant must pass a thorough 45 minute polygraph examination proving that he has not engaged in the use of anabolic steroids, clenbuterol, synthol, human growth hormone or non-over the counter diuretics during the prededing 24 CALENDAR MONTHS. Upon receipt of entry form and fee, the contestant will be notified where to go in Denver or Colorado Springs for polygraph testing.  The testing center will attempt to accommodate each contestant’s schedule. There will not be any additional charge to the contestant for the test. No notes from doctors allowed.  Please be advised: Polygraph testing schedules are likely to be inconvenient for many competitors but it is the only way that ALL bodybuilders can be tested prior to the event. This is the best way to create a level playing field instead of random testing on the day of the show, or after the show.  Thank you for your understanding. This has been what has made NPC Natural Events in Colorado some of the best in the USA!

Backstage Passes for Trainers:  Limited number of passes for $85.  Must be an NPC member, (Purchase NPC Card here).  Please be advised: A Backstage Pass does not allow trainers to impede flow of the event backstage.  Trainers must cooperate with event expeditors or Backstage Pass will be revoked.


  • MakeUp/Hair Services:Chaundra Tangi, IFBB Pro and MAC Certified Makeup Artist  with over 15 years experience. Chaundra and her team will help you articulate your best  look on stage! 303-929-0626
  • Spray Tanning Services: Contact Christine Vaillancourt, ELITE TANNING, at 719.659.0857.

Specific Information:  

  • Saturday, May 16, 2015

NPC sanction #12230        

Host Hotel:  Quality Inn & Suites, 555 W. Garden of the Gods Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80907.  Call 719-593-9119 for Special “NPC Bodybuilding & Figure Rate” of $77/night, $83/night with mini-fridge and microwave, $97/night for double suite + fridge and microwave.          

Venue:  Doherty High Auditorium, 4515 E. Barnes Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Schedule of Events:
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  1. Bodybuilder competitor here, couple questions:
    1. Entry Fees states, “BODYBUILDERS & WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE COMPETITORS MUST ENTER BY TUESDAY,” Tuesday of what, exactly? Tuesday prior to the event – May 5th? Tuesday April 21st? April 28th? Tuesday May 12th?
    2. It goes on to say, “*. $85 per class if paid online by May 1st, 2015.” I get paid on May 1st to be able to afford the competition, does it mean I have exactly until 11:59 PM of that day to pay the $85 per class entry fee?