Protect Proteins vs. Eating Them


Protect Proteins vs. Eating Them

Eating protein – how much, what kind, when, etc. – is not the purpose of this post. Protecting the body’s proteins is the topic of this post. Ironically, the protein sources we eat have dramatic and differing impacts on how our tissues (proteins) are protected during hard core exercise. At a human performance symposium, hosted by the United States Olympic Committee, the two biggest blind spots for elevating physiological performance were nutrition & recovery.

This ground breaking clinical study (below) published in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” (i.e. the scientific journal of the American College of Sports Medicine) shows, quite dramatically, the importance of particular “foods” (in this case “S+” supplemental food) in blocking the damage to human proteins.  These clinically proven results highlight a distinct human performance advantage.

Protect Proteins Graphic

Here’s how: When we oxidize fats, lipid peroxides (bad) are created.  When we oxidize proteins, protein carbonyls (bad) are created.  Oxidative damage to proteins is measured by the level of “protein carbonyls” in the blood plasma.  Oxidative stress from hard exercise elevates protein carbonyls.  Protein carbonyls damage your body’s proteins (i.e. cells and tissues) which compromises your physiological performance.  For a performance advantage, these (S+) results are noteworthy.

[Note from Jeff Taylor: This is a sponsored post. It is worth noting that Melissa’s Immunologist prescribed these supplements for her in a recent visit, so there is real-life medical credibility. It is worth researching. Here is some followup information:]

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