Show Day Cannot Be Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day!

By Crystal Green, IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor, Liporidex Sponsored Athlete,,

Hair Tamer:

What’s the worst day to have a bad hair day? Show Day!

It’s show day and your hair looks like it you stuck a finger in an electrical socket! All the anti-humidity products, hair spray, and gel in the world aren’t taming your lovely locks and you are hours away from your NPC Bikini show. You’re starting to stress out and you have no idea what to do except put on more gel but you know that won’t create soft, luscious locks you so desperately want on stage.

Try not to panic. I’ve been there, too and I can help.

I had 3 different top-of-the-line anti-frizz control products. None helped. I even tried to curl my hair with hopes that it would make the frizz somehow look controlled –and it worked . . . for about an hour. Then it returned to super frizz.

And talk about static! My bad hair looked like Einstein’s best.

Then a fellow competitor gave me a miracle. She put her tanning body oil on her hands and ran her hands through my hair. I couldn’t decide if this was sabotage, freak out time, or stay calm and pray time.

But, I stayed calm and watched my hair fall down into place just in time for to hear, ”PRO BIKINI LINE-UP!” There it was, my hair settling down straight looking soft and luscious.

I gave her a huge air hug and told her the-after-show meal was on me.

So next time you’re hair doesn’t want to be tame, take some of that body glaze from the tanning company, put a light coat on your hands, and comb it through hair!

Trust me, it works.


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