Contest Prep: Interview with Christine Vaillancourt


Jeff Taylor of MuscleQuest interviews Christine Vaillancourt of Elite-Tan to find out the best tips for new NPC competitors who will be spray tanning.

Go behind the scenes with Elite Spray Tanning’s Christine.

She says that new competitors MUST KNOW:

  • Make sure your skin is ready to take a tan.
  • All body hair must be removed – even peach fuzz.
  • Exfoliate all dead skin cells.
  • Don’t wear lotion or deodorant.

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41 Comments on “Contest Prep: Interview with Christine Vaillancourt”

  1. PilatesDenver

    Great info! I am getting ready for my first show, the Warrior, and just made my tanning appointment with Christine last week….I had no idea what to do and this was very helpful…thank you! Looking forward to working with you Christine!

  2. KariLynn Eden

    I am prepping for my first show! The new Battle at the Border!
    Thank you for this video! GREAT info, elspecially for a newbie πŸ˜‰

  3. Katie Math

    Christine Vaillancourt of Elite-Tan is amazing had no issues with my first show and my boyfrined has used for all his shows top notch professionals!

  4. Jessica Lynn Messina

    Great information especially because I was a first time competition 2wks ago!! She is awesome!!!

  5. LauraLee FitGoddess

    This Lady is the Best their is !
    She and staff take such special care of each competitor !
    Love Elite Tan !!!

  6. Dee Garcia

    Christine is a great lady and always make you feel so comfortable! It was my first show and she did everything to make my tan and me feel good in my own skin. Loved her! She tells you everything you need to know to get the best results. This video is the beginning. She also provides a document. Love her!

  7. Deborah

    I was recommended to Christine for my first show coming up in November! Super excited and cannot wait! She makes people look even more amazing!

  8. Caleb Cuneio

    Christine spray tanned me at the mile high championships! Really did an amazing job touching me up for the night show! Christine is very kind and genuine! I Always know I’m covered going into a show with elite tan! πŸ™‚

  9. Stephanie Puzak

    Christine did my tan for my first show– the Natural last October and she was awesome!! Super professional and helpful (even fixed smudges I made between the morning and night show) πŸ™‚

  10. Andrea Streisfeld

    Great video and very informative, thanks guys! Good luck @ the Warrior Classic and thank you for the tips.

  11. Janelle Goss

    Keep up the amazing work Christine! I used Elite-Tan for my first competitions in 2011 & bought her product to use with my own spray tan machine. Love Elite-Tan!

  12. Mattie Nobles

    Love! Elite-Tan! One less thing to worry about when you use these guys! They set you up for nothing but success!

  13. Angelica DeFranco

    So much amazing information for first time competitors and how to prepare for tanning! I wish I had watched this before my first competition! lol.

  14. Sierra D

    Thank you Christine and Muscle Quest for the tips on how to prepare! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Elite-Tan! Can’t wait to use you for my next show! πŸ™‚

  15. Melissa Lorenzo

    Christine is always attentive and thorough! She has been tanning me for years and always has me perfect for the stage. The color she uses is a more natural tan and I have no problems wearing it days after the show:)

  16. Katie Monahan

    Very helpful tips, thanks Christine! You do such a great job with making sure the tan comes out flawless:) You helped me so much my last show, and I can’t wait until the next!

  17. Cerra Sampson

    Elite tan is amazing! All the ladies who helped with my tan these last few comps have done such a great job, they shared words of encouragement and make you feel so comfortable!!

  18. Alexia Weatherford

    I tanned with Elite Tan my first competition last year and it was a great experience to say the least. Professional and hassle free!

  19. Kaitlyn

    My tan for my first show from Christine was on point! She fit me in to the tanning schedule last minute, too! Couldn’t have been more grateful! She’s amazing.

  20. Melissa Cole Bohnet

    Elite Tan is organized and professional. They leave me with a beautiful bronze that not just makes me stage ready but I get to indulge in the gorgeous look days after.

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