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NPC Nutrithority DENVER OPEN!

Thank you to the amazing sponsors who make this all happen for the athletes!

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April 24, 2021

To: Participants and Guests

Welcome everyone, to the 2021 NPC NUTRITHORITY DENVER OPEN Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Wellness, Physique & Classic Physique Championships! This is the first show of the year, and a great kickoff to a comeback year for NPC athletes in Colorado.

I am proud of all of our competitors, as it takes an extraordinary amount of discipline and dedication to get on stage. Make sure that you show these competitors how much you appreciate their hard work! I would also like to thank our sponsors who make this opportunity for the athletes possible. First and foremost, thank you to our TITLE SPONSOR, NUTRITHORITY. Make sure that you try all of their products! A big thank you to our PRESENTING SPONSOR, SUPPLEMENT GIANT. Check out all 7 of their Colorado Stores, www.SupplementGiant.com. Thanks also to our Co-Sponsors: Elite Tan, FLAWLESS Hair & Makeup, #TREADMILL LIFE, Carma Fitness, REIGN and My Skin Nerd! These sponsors and vendors have all made a commitment to our sport by sponsoring this show, so by supporting all of these businesses, you assure the future of NPC competitions here in Colorado.

Of course, I must give credit to the nationally trained staff who make event production look easy, the MuscleQuest crew: Dave, Rene, Todd, Ken, Curtis, Amy, Than, Jackie, Lisa, Clint, Randy and all of our volunteers, NPC Head Judge, Dylan Armbrust the Vice Chair of Colorado NPC, and all of our NPC Judges tonight. You are the best around—

Thanks for attending this year’s championships. I hope everyone has a memorable evening!


Jeff Taylor
Colorado NPC Office


National Physique Committee of the U.S.A, Inc.

The Official U.S. Governing Body of Men’s and Women’s Amateur Bodybuilding

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