New Competitors: Interview with Stephanie Spencer

Watch Jeff Taylor of MuscleQuest interviewing Stephanie Spencer for her top tips for new NPC competitors. Stephanie Spencer is the Colorado 2012 Figure Champion. She says enjoy the journey. Every day work as hard as you can so you get up on stage and know you worked your hardest. What’s YOUR number one advice for new competitors? If you enjoyed this video, subscribe … Read More

New Competitors: Interview with Rick Jiron

In the video below, Rick Jiron talks about competition in the NPC as an experienced athlete who competes with his son. Rick Jiron competed in the over 50 category with his son, a teen bodybuilder. Rick told his son, when you get on stage, you’re already in an elite group of people. Not too many people have the motivation and … Read More

Diet and Training Interview with Lauren Williams

Jeff Taylor of MuscleQuest interviews Lauren Williams about her diet and training when preparing for competition. Lauren is competing at USA championships and she shares what she’s eaten in the 48 hours prior to the show. What’s YOUR diet 48 hours before a show? If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to MuscleQuest Video Channel and sign up for your free … Read More

Protein Supplements: Interview with David Sandler

Jeff Taylor of MuscleQuest interviews David Sandler of iSatori about the best supplements for athletes. David Sandler says athletes should consume a slow acting protein right before bed – casein if you can get that. If you can’t, there are some other branch chain aminos fast acting that releases slowly. Sandler says that you want a drip of protein and you’ll … Read More

Supplements: Interview with Mike of GNC

Supplements: Interview with Mike of GNC Getting ready for a show? Mike from GNC says if you’re buying supplements, you first need the fundamentals: whey protein, fish oils, and a multi-vitamin. If you’d like the transcript of this video, please click here to download the PDF. What do you say are the essential supplements? Do you agree or disagree with Mike?

Secrets of the Pros: Interview with Rose Brunner

Watch below as Jeff Taylor interviews Rose Brunner to discover the best IFBB Pro secrets. IFBB women’s physique pro, Rose Brunner, talks about when you should go to a national show. She says, go to watch a show first. Get a feel for your division and what the judges looking for. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to MuscleQuest Video Channel and sign … Read More

Secrets of the IFBB Pros: Watty Watt

Watch and learn the best tips and secrets from IFBB Pro athlete trainer from Alan “Watty Watt” Watkins. Today he talks about cars. When you’re a top pro, Watty says get an old school car – a 67 Lincoln. You want to be ultra cool. If you’d like the transcript of this video, please click here to download the PDF. … Read More

Met-Rx NPC Rocky Mountain

Met-Rx NPC Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Physique Championships November 16, 2013 School of Mines Green Auditorium Golden, Colorado Competitor Application and Information SOLD OUT! Follow the LIVE Instagram Feed HERE. Contest results HERE on 11/17/13!

Introducing AJ Morton

AJ Morton has an incredible resume of video production and photos. He’ll be doing all the photos and videos for Muscle Quest. You’re going to love his work – he’s such a pro! Check out his work here.